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Sarah Cummings is an award-winning American interior designer currently serving the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania region and is adept at working remotely on select projects for her full-service interior design firm, Hillside Manor Decor™ (H.M.D.).

Sarah's collective portfolio demonstrates a decoratively layered approach to interiors and is known for her nod to Modern History with an understated blend of both modern classicism and old-world traditional styles through carefully applied curated curiosities and design collections.


Sarah’s distinctive work tends to lean towards the masculine luxe European aesthetic, or what she deems, “Generation Gentleman”, complete with classic wools, rich plaids, tweeds, herringbone, and houndstooth patterns paired with leather accents for billiard rooms, parlors, office dens and libraries alike.


Though Hillside Manor Decor™ is recognized for this style, Sarah is fully capable of transforming a Master Suite dressing room into a feminine and chic Hollywood glam haven imbued with a contemporary sense of vintage elegance as well as adapting a transitional vacation home into a rustic and colorful retreat. As the CEO, Sarah’s highly successful career provides her with the ability to ascertain the specific needs of each client and to update their private residences or commercial office spaces accordingly.




With over a decade of professional experience working in the industry alongside notable interior designers from coast-to-coast, Sarah’s influential work has afforded her the privilege to transform stately multi-million dollar properties, vacation homes, office headquarters, and bachelor pads for dozens of prominent clients including tech producers, developers, lawyers, restaurateurs, and single business magnates, among others, into sophisticated interiors with a cohesive and intentional design approach.




Sarah’s skillset and portfolio of past collaborative projects have been featured in a variety of shelter publications and entertainment sectors, including HGTV House Hunters, Washington DC Home & Design Magazine, Northern Virginia Magazine, and Houzz articles, among others. This experience laid the groundwork to establish her boutique interior design firm, Hillside Manor Decor™ (H.M.D.).


Hillside Manor Decor’s residential and commercial projects exhibit a tailored mix of customized selections and a variety of turn-key interior design services which include everything from expert planning and designing, product sourcing and purchasing, expediting, and installation to provide the finishing touches for an inviting environment worthy of publication.


Sarah’s enterprising background serves as the foundation of her flourishing career and enduring enthusiasm. She was raised in an inimitable home, “Hillside Oaks” in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania amongst a family of creative entrepreneurs. Her parents were both art teachers and renovators that instilled the importance of traditional ornamentation and attentiveness to architectural details, art history, and an admiration of appreciating the beauty in often-overlooked places. She has always had an emotive eye for design and learned from an early age to visualize the potential that lies within each space and the necessary processes to generate a sense of harmony throughout the home in her designs. As an extension of her lifetime exposure to art and architecture, Sarah and her husband, an accomplished video game developer, sought out and renovated their own Victorian residence and office (built ca. 1910), “Hillside Manor” in Braddock Heights, Maryland, all the while respecting the history of the home and neighborhood. With this invaluable field experience, she has gained an innate sense of interpreting her client’s specialized needs and the ability to empathize with their qualms regarding the potential disruption that tends to occur while undertaking and living through a renovation. Now moving back to her Pittsburgh roots, Sarah is excited to bring H.M.D. to the City of Bridges and continue creating spaces that inspire and reach their utmost potential.


Hillside Manor Decor™ was founded with the support of a cultivated team of multi-talented contractors, tradesmen, craftsmen, receivers, and builders, along with a nationwide network of trade manufacturers and resources with whom she has built trusted relationships over the years. These partnerships are instrumental in helping to navigate each project by providing exceptional service, resourceful knowledge, and customization capabilities to their clients. Through identifying the design obstacles and realizing creative solutions in a timely and succinct manner, her team is capable of implementing discerning design elements to their client’s charming town and country residences.


H.M.D. understands that each project is an investment of artistry and trust, so their methodical procurement process and project management skills efficiently streamline each project from initial consultation to installation reveal. Sarah employs her years of training experience and mentoring in the health and hospitality industries to provide a supportive role as the client’s ambassador of design and decorum. By conveying peace of mind to their projects through dependable communication, respect and guidance, Hillside Manor Decor’s goal is to allow their clients to focus on their busy lives rather than the details.

Sarah Cummings earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design with an honorable Dean’s Award and a concentration in Universal and Sustainable Design. She is affiliated with several long-established professional design organizations and firms and utilizes these resources to further her knowledge and innovative pursuits.

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